Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why buying used sports equipment is almost like buying new!

If you have kids, you know the high cost of sports equipment no matter what sport they play. My 10 year old daughter, Sydney, just a year ago, had size 3 feet that grew to a size 6 in just one year!! I hope that means she is going to be a lot taller than my 4'11" mother. The bad news is that she can now almost fit into my shoes which she loves to try on! But that year we needed to buy 3 pairs of cleats at $30+ a pop. And they were almost brand new each time we had to buy a size up! Don't get me wrong...sometimes it's nice and necessary to buy new sports equipment. But as a community, we all have a stock pile of sports equipment and it ain't easy to get rid of, trust me...I've tried - between online auctions, local goodwill, consignment shops -- even donating at swaps. Trying to get rid of your equipment can be cumbersome, time consuming and sometimes costly and not worth the pay off! So that's why I love the idea of where communities can come together and buy, sell, trade or donate their used and outgrown sports equipment for free!

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