Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School and Deals!

It's getting to be that time - and summer has flown on by! Lots of deals are flying around and helping parents save money is the name of the game. As you look around for great deals for the kids, keep these coupons handy. And if you buy new sports equipment to replace outgrown stuff, consider donating or selling your items on Donating your equipment can help children who can't afford to play - get active and involved in team sports!

Click here for Sports Authority: $25 off $100/$50 off $200 or $100 off $300

The September issue of Parenting Magazine features great back to school shopping coupons- one is a $10 off of your next $50 purchase at Land's End.

Click here for a website on all the latest back to school deals at Deal Taker!

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